Getting to Know Joe Wadlington

Another week, another fabulous guest on The Tic. This week, we’re talking to @JoeWadlington, the Global Creative Lead at Twitter 🐦. See what we did there 😏? We’ve been fans of Joe for a while. We even had him on The Casted Podcast back in February. And it’s easy to see why we’re such big fans – he has such a zest for life and his creativity and storytelling superpower shines through whenever you speak with him. Listen to his full episode to hear about life as a mommy blogger (no jokes here), editor, storyteller, etiquette columnist, and Drag queen! Seriously… is there anything Joe can’t do?

Title: Global Creative Lead at Twitter

🎙 Favorite Podcast: Our Friend David (you’ll notice a different This American Life episode in the playlist – Our Friend David wasn’t available on Spotify.)

🎓 Favorite song from when you graduated high school: Hey There Delilah, The Plain White T’s

😎 Favorite song from when you started your career: Someone Like You, Adele

👨‍🎤 Favorite song currently: Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Fiona Apple

👶 Where did you grow up? In the Appalachian Mountains near, but not near enough, to Dollywood. (Check out more of Joe’s story here).

📚 Any fun stories about your marketing career you’d care to share? I was on my way to a networking event with my newly (self) minted business cards and I realized that I’d misspelled my name on every. single. one. So I grabbed a pen and when I handed them out I would add the missing letters and say “I’m an editor.” It’s more important to be memorable than together, I think.

👏 Any other accomplishments you’re proud of? I’ve been published in The New Yorker, The Rumpus, and Food & Wine Magazine. I was also named one of the “13 Bay Area Writers to Watch and Read” of 2016. I also just finished the first draft of my first YA novel. (Okay… suddenly I’m feeling like I need to do a little more with my life.)

Where to find me?

🐦 Twitter: @JoeWadlington

📸 Instagram: @JoeWadlington

👨‍💻 LI –

And please email your modern etiquette questions to:

Listen to Joe’s full episode HERE.

Get to know Joe through his fave podcasts & music

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