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Podcasting should be (so) much more than one-and-done interviews.

As a podcaster, you are constantly having authentic conversations that should serve as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, these conversations are often published, quickly promoted, and then left behind as you’re forced to focus on the next deadline. This leaves incredible opportunity and value on the table.

Don’t do more work. Get more from the work you’re already doing.

Casted is a podcasting platform created to help B2B marketers embrace podcasts as the center of their content marketing strategy and get more value from each episode.


Easily transcribe, index, and break your podcasts down into clips that are quick to consume and easy for sales and marketing to embed and share.


Make it easy for Sales and Marketing to find content in a searchable library and use it in sales materials, email campaigns, SDR cadences, and to repurpose and repackage into new content.

Casted provides unparalleled visibility into the behaviors and engagement of your audience.


Go beyond basic vanity metrics like “downloads.” We’re building metrics that matter – measurement focused on engagement that helps you understand how your podcast is impacting your brand and fueling your pipeline.

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