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More content. Better engagement. Measurable results.

Squeeze every drop out of your podcast with Casted — the first podcasting platform built for B2B brands.

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From hosting and scheduling to activation and analytics, Casted is content management for marketers with a voice

Get more value from every episode

You work hard for your podcast. We think your podcast should work hard for you. Manage, Activate, and Measure each episode to engage your audience, align with your sales team, and quantify the value of your show.


Manage your podcast from one place. Casted lets you host, categorize, filter, schedule, and promote without the hassle of changing platforms.


Make it easy for Sales and Marketing to find content in a searchable library and use it in sales materials, email campaigns, SDR cadences, and to repurpose and repackage into new content.


Go beyond basic vanity metrics like “downloads”. Casted surfaces the metrics that matter – measurement focused on engagement that helps you understand how your podcast is impacting your brand and fueling your pipeline.

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