Getting to Know James Serra

Getting to Know James Serra

Today we’re bringing you Episode 2 of The Tic and this guest had us at “I’m in a band.” Learn more about LogicGate’s Video Production Manager and one of the faces behind their podcast. His story has all the hits – creative outlets, a band, and the Chicago Bulls. Jump in below and make sure to stick around to learn more about James.

Title: Video Production Manager, Podcast Producer

Favorite Podcast: The New Day: Feel the Power, Episode: #AskNewDayPod

Favorite song from 2007 (graduated high school): “Champion” by Kanye West

Favorite song from 2012-ish (started career): “Cactus in the Valley” by Lights

Favorite song currently: “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas

An interesting fact you want us to know? In my free time, I’m in a band called Face Time Police. (We even added one of Face Time Police’s songs to the playlist below… check it out!)

Where to find me?


My band Face Time Police:

Listen to James’ full episode HERE.

Get to know James through his fave podcasts & music

Experience Casted for Yourself

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