The only content marketing platform built for branded podcasts.

Manage, Activate, and Measure podcasts from end-to-end while engaging your audience, increasing sales alignment, and quantifying podcast value with metrics that matter.


Podcasting is one of the best channels for delivering authentic, real conversations to your audience. It’s also one of the most time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Maximize your time by managing your show all from one platform. Host, transcribe, categorize, search, and schedule your podcast all from one place.


Host your podcast on your own domain and start understading how your audience engages after listening.


Automatically transcribe every episode you upload and gain access to another format of your conversations.


Schedule episodes days in advance to give yourself more time to curate and plan your podcast promotion.


Get more out of your branded podcast and drive further engagement and conversions with custom landing pages, clip creation, social sharing, and embedding.

  • Custom landing pages – Build beautiful podcast pages that actually look and feel like the rest of your brand. 
  • Clip creation – Easily search, highlight, and cut audio clips to use for social promotion, in blog posts, and more.
  • Social sharing – Share episodes and clips directly from the platform.  
  • Embedding – Infuse your content with insights from your podcast guests by embedding episodes and clips directly straight from the platform. 


Why settle for simple data like downloads when you can get real, actionable insights from your podcast? Understand the impact your branded podcast has on your business with actionable data like engagement score and audience analytics. 

Engagement score – How is your audience engaging with your brand? Finally understand how your listeners interact with your brand after listening to your podcast. 

Deeper analytics – Move beyond the single vanity metric of downloads. Understand more about each of your episodes and the impact they have on your listeners buyer journey with your brand. 

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