Product Release Notes: 7/16/20

Here’s a detailed look and listen to all the feature releases, updates, and improvements rolled out on July 16, 2020.

⭐️ New

Show Playlist Embed

  • There’s now a new way to embed your podcast on the show level.
  • This uses an iframe to add a “playlist” for the show, which is a list of all the episodes of a show (preloading the first one).

Interested in using the embedded show player? Contact your Customer Success Manager.

⏫ Improved

Clipping Enhancements

  • We’ve made a number of improvements to the clipping process.
  • The selection of the timeline is now editable – the clip bounds can be adjusted by dragging the start or end of the selection. Further adjustments can still be made on the waveform just as before.
  • You can also enter or adjust the time via the input boxes above the waveform for precise editing.

Multiple Hosts

  • A show now supports up to four hosts.
  • Additional hosts can be adding via the manage settings screen.
  • Hosts will display on Casted pages.

Show Level Metrics Export

  • When exporting metrics on the show level, users will now have an option to download a report that is broken down by episode.
  • This lets users download data for all their published episodes at once instead of going to each episode page one at a time.

Dynamic Episode Embed Height

  • Users can add additional javascript to their website to ensure Casted episodes and clip players are always loaded at the correct height.
  • To get sample code or instructions on use, please contact support.

To get sample code or instructions on use, please contact

🐭 Fixed

Metrics: We fixed a few incorrect calculations and missing data points in select accounts.

Set Default Logo Link: On landing pages, the show logo will now link to the show’s landing page by default.

Episode Name Length – We set a limit of 140 characters for episode names to prevent errors with Apple and other podcast players.

Episode Options Cutting Off – We fixed a visual error where the options for an episode were not showing when only one episode was uploaded.

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