Product Release Notes: 5/21/20

Here’s a detailed look and listen to all the feature releases, updates, and improvements rolled out on May 21, 2020.


Drift Integration

  • Paste Drift Site ID and Drift bots will be available on all Casted pages 
  • Listener behavior will be added to known contacts including:
    • Current podcast
    • Current episode
    • Number of episodes contact has engaged with
  • Casted will collect how many conversations are started on Casted pages to be used in metrics in a future release

User Management

  • Invite, remove, and manage users inside Casted
  • Invite users outside your organization such as agencies and partners to work with you on your podcast
  • Assign users a role with permissions. Launching with two roles:
    • Admin – can access and edit everything (all existing users will be made admin at release)
    • Analytics – can view shows, episodes, and metrics – cannot edit or create.
  • Custom user roles can be created per account by working with Casted Team

Podcast (Show) Embed

  • Embed your entire podcast via iFrame anywhere on your site
  • Listeners can select which episode to listen to and interact with key takeaways and transcripts just like Casted pages
  • Custom designs can be implemented by working with the Casted Team


  • Added support for .mp4 file type (will remove video and use audio)
  • Added “subscribe” tab to episode pages – uses the syndication links from the settings page
  • Added a progress analytics event that fires as a user listens to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of an episode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Audiogram’s cutting off or including words
  • Fixed an issue with audio files not loading on Casted pages
  • Fixed an issue where author images could crash settings page
  • Lots of smaller fixes and enhancements

Experience Casted for Yourself

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