Product Release Notes: 4/16/20

Here’s a detailed look at all the feature releases, updates, and improvements rolled out on April 16, 2020.


Show Level Metrics

  • Shows now have a dedicated screen to view metrics across all published episodes
  • A CSV report can be downloaded for any selected time range that shows the breakdown of metrics by episodes
  • List top-performing episodes with simple drill down 

Metrics Features – Both Show and Episode Level

  • Metrics are aggregated across all listening sources, including Casted’s landing page, Apple podcasts, and any other RSS based reader
  • All new date picker for easier selection of time ranges
  • Added new metrics for New and Returning listeners so show how many new visitors were acquired and how many users returned over a time range
  • All new visualizations for metrics, including a line chart to show listening trends over time

Clip Metrics

  • Added a drill down to see how individual clips perform both as traffic drivers and how each share options performed (audiogram, link, embed, etc)


Episode Metrics

  • Enhanced visualization of data for each episode
  • Simplified dashboard by combining all sources into a single “listen” metric and including a clear breakdown of where users are listening to content
  • Added a CSV download to pull a copy of metrics for a date range

Bug Fixed

  • More consistent metric queries
  • Several small bug fixes and improvements

Experience Casted for Yourself

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