Product Release Notes: 3/5/20

Here’s a detailed look and listen to all the feature releases, updates, and improvements rolled out on March 5, 2020.



  • Clips (both links and takeaways) can now be shared as a video
  • Simply select share on a clip, select a template, and a video will be generated
  • The video will include the transcription as subtitles automatically
  • Users can then download the video and share on social media, emails, or any relevant channel. A link is included to include with the video to capture click-through metrics
  • Because the video is downloaded and shared outside of Casted – Impressions of video will not be possible to track in Casted at this time. We recommend you use your social, web analytics for impression-level data.

Clip Filtering

  • Clips can now be filtered on the “Edit” screen
  • Users can filter by type – Takeaway or Link
  • Users can filter by “Has Audiogram”

Publish Episode as Private

  • Users can now publish an episode as “private”
  • Anyone with a link can see this episode without any authentication
  • The episode will not be listed with search engines and set web crawlers to not crawl this episode

Episode Meta

  • Users can now set a third type of description for an episode that will only be used when the link is shared as a link on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn
  • This description is used to avoid very long description being pulled through the social meta tags
  • When not set the RSS Description will be passed to the social meta tags


Public Transcripts

  • Transcripts that are published to the Casted Landing page will now include a disclaimer if the transcript was not upgraded to premium.
  • This simply lets potential users know there could inaccuracies in the AI technology used to generate the transcript.

Ordering Resources & Custom Nav

  • Users can now drag and drop Resources attached to episodes. This order will be used on the Landing Page
  • Users can also drag and drop Custom Navigation items to create the order they will appear on Landing pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where creating an empty resource would cause display errors on landing page
  • Fixed visual bug with related episodes on Landing page

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