Introducing The Tic

We talk a lot about authentic conversations at Casted. In fact, you could say that being authentic is kind of our schtick. You might even be a little tired of hearing us talk about being authentic. Sorry, but that’s not going to stop. Because we love authenticity and we’d shout it from a mountain top if we could, but we don’t have a mountain top.

The reason we love podcasting so much is because it’s a medium that thrives on authenticity. Ever listen to a podcast where things were incredibly rehearsed, over-planned, and stiff? It didn’t really work, did it? Or it probably wasn’t that interesting.

The best podcasts are the ones that embrace real, candid conversations. They make you feel like you’re being brought into a private chat. Or they offer a narrative story so beautifully intertwined with a conversation that you can get totally lost in it. THAT is what we love about podcasting.

Brands that harness those conversations and instill them in their marketing and content strategies are the real winners here.

But why?

Because people want to interact with brands that… well to put it simply… are human. And what’s more genuinely human than real conversations?

Here at Casted, we obviously have a podcast and a pretty great one at that. We get to have conversations with all kinds of podcast pros, marketing leaders, showrunners, researchers, and more. Our conversations are raw, unrehearsed, and real. And we love that about our podcast. But we also love the humans that we’ve interviewed. They are SO incredibly interesting. Not just in the work they do, but in the things they’ve done in their own lives to get to the place they are today.

That’s why we decided to launch a new podcast, completely dedicated to getting to know the human behind the marketer (or podcaster).

So today, we are launching The Tic.

What is The Tic? 

The Tic is a new podcast and newsletter by Casted. It’s a way for Casted, as a brand, to stay authentically connected to our audience.

As a newsletter, we’ll deliver biweekly updates that include content important to our audience, curated playlists, Casted updates, and of course podcasts.

The Tic podcast will be a little different. This podcast is our alter ego to The Casted Podcast. While The Casted Podcast will still focus on creating a better podcast, The Tic will focus on highlighting a marketers’ journey to becoming a… marketer.

We’ll dig into WHO the person is through this journey. What path did they take to get there, what do they love about their journey, what do they hate? Our goal is to have an open, honest, and authentic conversation about how they found their way to marketing. Ya know, the good stuff!

What makes The Tic different from any other marketing initiative?

Each season of The Tic will be a unique experience for listeners and guests alike. Each guest will influence the brand each week and listeners will have the opportunity to share raw, authentic moments from their week. It’s an experiment in authenticity and the authentic experience will drive the overall look and feel of the brand each season.

So what does that mean? It means that each guest will be reflected in the overall brand week-by-week. The visual and audio brand will develop and change with each new guest. By the end of the season, we’ll have a unique brand image, playlist, and group that will reset for Season 2.

Listeners will have the opportunity to be a part of this too by offering up unique, authentic experiences and perspectives each week.

Sounds cool in theory right? Well, check out our first episode to get a more behind-the-scenes view of why we created The Tic and what you can look forward to moving forward!

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