Growing Your Podcast Family: Starting a Podcast Network

Posted by Katon Zike | July 14, 2020

Sometimes, running a podcast can feel a bit like being a parent. You bring it to […]

Process Matters: Launch a Podcast Episode in 6 Easy Steps

Posted by Tyler Brooks | July 8, 2020

There’s a reason why TV and movie buffs go crazy for behind-the-scenes content. It’s a glimpse […]

Embedding Podcasts Into Your Content Strategy

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We talk a lot around here about embedding podcasts into other marketing content. From full episodes […]

Your Podcast + Website: a Match Made in Marketing Heaven

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According to Hubspot, the top priority for marketers these days is generating leads. (Not that you […]

10 Best Practices for Marketing Your Podcast

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As marketers, we’ve grown accustomed to traditional marketing and advertising tactics, including everything from print and […]

Want a Killer Marketing Strategy? Try Podcasting.

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Marketing strategy. It’s the elusive, yet absolutely vital component of every marketing department. Every team is […]

Now is the Time to Podcast and Here’s Why

Posted by Lindsay Tjepkema | May 19, 2020

I know I’m certainly not the first to tell you we’re currently in the midst of […]

Creating podcast content for sales
Arm Your Sales Team with Rich Podcast Content

Posted by Rishi Patel | May 15, 2020

As a marketer, you’re used to setting your sales folks up with content to drive opportunities. […]

Podcasts: The Evergreen Content You’ve Been Searching For

Posted by Tyler Brooks | May 5, 2020

Think podcasting is just a passing fad? Consider this: podcasting has now been around for more […]

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Transcribing Your Podcast: Stop Wasting Valuable Content

Posted by Holly Pels | April 28, 2020

Last week, you may have celebrated Earth Day and Arbor Day by getting outside or planting […]