Hold the Mic! Podcasting Strategy You Have to Know

Posted by Katon Zike | April 2, 2020

The best, most important things in life take time and careful planning. College. Wedding planning. World […]

First Comes Audience, Then Comes (Everything Else)

Posted by Holly Pels | March 26, 2020

“If you build it, they will come.” While that might be a nice sentiment for an […]

12+ New Metrics You Can Be Using to Measure Your Podcast

Posted by Rishi Patel | March 24, 2020

The New Year’s resolution honeymoon may be over (R.I.P. chiseled physique). But lucky for you, there’s […]

Over Communicating with Your Team is Key to Alignment

Posted by Lindsay Tjepkema | March 19, 2020

With the COVID-19 virus spreading in the United States, we’ve all found ourselves in a truly […]

If You Can’t Answer This, You May Need to Rethink Your Podcast

Posted by Holly Pels | March 6, 2020

If I asked you why you started your brand’s podcast, would you have an answer right […]

On the Fence About Podcasting? This One’s For You

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Is it just me or are podcasts like Netflix for your ears? Everyone’s always talking about […]

Podcast Experts Agree: 8 Ways to Build a Better Show

Posted by Lindsay Tjepkema | February 20, 2020

So, what makes a great podcast? Like most things, it’s all relative. What’s captivating for one […]

Live Podcast Recording at Casted Launch Event

Posted by Holly Pels | February 13, 2020

Podcasting. Authentic conversations. Podcat. What do these things have in common? Those were just a few […]

Squeezing More Juice from Your Podcast

Posted by Holly Pels | February 11, 2020

We’ve hosted some amazing guests since the start of our Casted podcast. We’ve chatted about everything […]

Casted is Committed to Making Conversation the Future of Marketing

Posted by Lindsay Tjepkema | February 6, 2020

Last night was incredible. We officially launched Casted out into the world. As I thought about […]