Casted: The B2B Podcasting Platform

Casted is the first platform for B2B podcasting. We’re making podcasting more engaging, efficient, and effective for brands. Casted gives you everything you need to create, manage, publish, promote, and measure your brand’s show. Our future vision is to be the single platform for every podcaster, from recording, editing, hosting, and syndicating podcast content to project management, guest management, promotion, measurement, and more.

Why Casted?


Casted isn’t a point solution or tool — it’s a platform and shared environment for the entire podcasting process.

Built for B2B

We’re built specifically for the B2B marketer and how to show true business value from your podcast.

Experienced Founders

Our founding team are marketers and podcasters at their core, with decades of marketing, martech, and podcasting experience.

Meet the Leadership Team

The elite group of podcast producers and marketers advising the Casted product and community.

Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and Co-Founder

Lindsay is a vegetarian but we don’t hold that against her. She is B2B Podcast Extraordinaire and best friends with Tina Fey (if we write it here, we will it to existence, right?).

Zachary Ballenger, Co-Founder, Sales and GTM

Zachary is equally passionate about podcasting and farming. Oh, you didn’t know he has a farm? You clearly haven’t met him yet, because he would have told you by now.

Adam Patarino, Co-Founder, Product and Technology

In addition to leading the development of our platform, Adam is also Casted’s official barista. His lattes are always delicious, hot, and bug free; just like his software.

Join the Casted team

Are you passionate about content marketing and podcasting? Join the Casted team! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at

Open Positions

Stay tuned – More to come!